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Pango Blocks

Brain Games
2 usd

LOGIC and cheerfulness!Get ready for a challenge! CHOOSE logic blocks and BUILD a path for Pango. If Pango crosses the screen without falling, he will catch an item and give it to a friend.
Pango will have to bring back 8 ingredients to Pig's kitchen, 8 tools for Fox's rocket, sports equipment for Squirrel, and crayons for Rabbit's drawing…
More than 40 challenges through 5 funny adventures.
Educational game suitable for children 3 or older with 2 difficulty levels.
Pango Blocks - a cute way to learn about judging distances when you're little!
- Logic game- 5 adventures to discover for your enjoyment- 40 challenges through 5 universes- 2 difficulty levels- Perfect for children 3 or older- No stress and no timer- A simple, functional application- Colorful and fully interactive game- Fully animated with sound and pictures- Internal parental control- No in-game purchases and no invasive advertising